18.30 - Koemmerling uPVC window & door system - A paradigm of quality & trust
Yogesh Sharma
National Sales Manager
Profine India
18.45 - Engineered components for windows & doors
Sayed Anwar
Country Manager
Schlegel Giesse
19.00 - The responsible expression
Snehal Shah
EssTeam Design
19.20 - Schueco: German aluminium systems for the Indian market
Ashish Kapoor
Director - Sales
Schueco India
19.35 - Influence of hardware selection on performance of window
Gaurav Gurale
Regional Product Manager
19.50 - Innovative sealant solutions from Dow
Dhagash Acharya
Business Manager
20.05 - Innovation in sealant for windows & doors
Dhiraj Tewani
Deputy Manager - Sales
McCoy Soudal

20.15 - Panel Discussion

Evolving window scenario in Surat

  • Components defining a perfect window
  • Challenges faced in suggesting and installing a good quality window as per design parameters
  • Parameters defining the retail market and projects - different or overlapping
  • Consideration for selecting a window type for an apartment complex; high end villas; hospitality and retail
Vishal Shah, Founder & Partner, Aangan Architects
Adarsh Patel, Director, Sangini Group
Pavvan Iyengar, Thought Leader, Facaade
Ashish Kapoor, Director - Sales, Schueco India
Jignesh S. Revawala, Director, Telesia German Windows & Doors
Amir Hashmi, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Profine India

Moderator – Urvakhsh Chichgar, Partner, Utopia Designs

Urvakhsh Chichgar
Vishal Shah
Adarsh Patel
Ashish Kapoor
Jignesh S. Revawala
Amir Hashmi
Pavvan Iyengar