Scaling the Vertex of Window Technology

Iconic cosmopolitan buildings require all the stake holders to strike the right balance between a host of parameters from conceiving the correct design to specifying the optimum materials and finally putting them together in place to materialise the epochal building envelope. What can not be missed here is the extensive quality checks at every stage to ensure what is delivered is in line with what is proposed.

Despite a general slowdown the Indian industry has been witnessing, building construction industry in Gujarat has succeeded in continuing the momentum it gained after the last few years of territorial troubles. Surat, being the largest city in the state, is home to some of the most innovative and acclaimed modern architectural landmarks with glittering bespoke fenestration, which are holistic and high performing, research driven and sustainable. This utmost responsibility for efficiency and sustainability can only be achieved by precision engineering and exploring novel ideas for sustainable designs.

Addressing the performance and functional aspect of architecture, Zak World of Windows, after successfully completing 16 editions in various cities of India, now Zak World of Windows comes in Surat and will be held at Le Meridien (formerly Grand Bhagwati) on 6th March 2020.

The forum will aim at the proper understanding of fenestration and shall address the issues like design and application challenges, measuring the performance of windows and their affectivity in bringing life to the interior spaces. The experts from the respective fields will engage in a panel discussion debating some of the pressing technical issues vis-a-vis sustainability through windows, functionality and usability, etc. Not to be missed is the opportunity to explore finest new technologies and products, which will be on display and that shall help redefining the way windows are looked at.

Organized by Zak Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, this will be a part of the build up to the mega exhibitions on Glass, Fenestration & Aluminium Extrusions to be held in Mumbai Exhibition Center between 3-6 December.

As seating is limited, register your seats early and get to hear from the most illuminated minds of the industry. The seminar will be followed by networking dinner & refreshments.

18.30 - Koemmerling uPVC window & door system - A paradigm of quality & trust
Yogesh Sharma
National Sales Manager
Profine India
18.45 - Engineered components for windows & doors
Sayed Anwar
Country Manager
Schlegel Giesse
19.00 - The responsible expression
Snehal Shah
EssTeam Design
19.20 - Schueco: German aluminium systems for the Indian market
Ashish Kapoor
Director - Sales
Schueco India
19.35 - Influence of hardware selection on performance of window
Gaurav Gurale
Regional Product Manager
19.50 - Innovative sealant solutions from Dow
Dhagash Acharya
Business Manager
20.05 - Innovation in sealant for windows & doors
Dhiraj Tewani
Deputy Manager - Sales
McCoy Soudal

20.15 - Panel Discussion

Evolving window scenario in Surat

  • Components defining a perfect window
  • Challenges faced in suggesting and installing a good quality window as per design parameters
  • Parameters defining the retail market and projects - different or overlapping
  • Consideration for selecting a window type for an apartment complex; high end villas; hospitality and retail
Vishal Shah, Founder & Partner, Aangan Architects
Adarsh Patel, Director, Sangini Group
Pavvan Iyengar, Thought Leader, Facaade
Ashish Kapoor, Director - Sales, Schueco India
Jignesh S. Revawala, Director, Telesia German Windows & Doors
Amir Hashmi, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Profine India

Moderator – Urvakhsh Chichgar, Partner, Utopia Designs

Urvakhsh Chichgar
Vishal Shah
Adarsh Patel
Ashish Kapoor
Jignesh S. Revawala
Amir Hashmi
Pavvan Iyengar