18.30 - Koemmerling u-PVC Window & Door Systems - " A Paradigm of Quality and Trust"
Amir Hashmi
National Sales and Marketing
Head, Profine India
18.45 - “Performance testing of windows”
Jothi Ramalingam
Managing Director
19.10 - “Schueco: German  Aluminium Systems  for the Indian Market”
Ashish Kapoor
Director - Sales
Schueco India
19.25 - “The importance of PU foams for perfect insulated windows”
K Ravi Kumar
Manager - Sales
McCoy Soudal
19.40 - “New era new hardware”
Rajesh Gupta
Area Sales Manager
19.55 - Panel Discussion

Evolving window scenario in Chennai

  • Components defining a perfect window
  • Challenges faced in suggesting and installing a good quality window as per design parameters
  • Parameters defining the retail market and projects - different or overlapping
  • Consideration for selecting a Window type for an apartment complex; high end villas; hospitality and retail
Farid Khan, CEO & Director, Profine India
Arun MN, Founder & Managing Director, Casa Grand
Veeramanikandan Palanisamy, Director, Sarvana Building Systems
Palanivelu Viswanathan, Principal Architect, Diastyle
Mahalingam Arumugam, Lead Manager- Kef Infra

Moderator – Rajeev Antony, Managing Director, Schueco India

Rajeev Antony
Arun MN
Farid Khan
Veeramanikandan Palanisamy
Palanivelu Viswanathan
Mahalingam Arumugam